About Me

Hi there.

My name is Dr. Klimek and I grew up in a small city with a special family. My youngest brother was born with developmental disabilities.  Little did I know that this event would shape my personality, my attitude towards life, and my work ethic and my philosophy in ways I could not have anticipated.  Integrity is my number one priority.

I have a Ph. D in Educational Psychology and counsel families of children with special needs.  I am a former education administrator for the New York City Department of Education and a current early intervention therapist for young children with cognitive disabilities.  I am also the founder and president of a small non-profit organization, The Bocha Project,  that helps other organizations around the world help people with disabilities be fully included in society. In fact, one of my life goals is to ensure that full inclusion is accomplished during my life time.

I started this blog out of a need to give back.  As I grew in my career as an education administrator with the Department of Education, I had to face more and more bureaucracy, red tape, and discrimination.  It became clear that the way to the top was crowded with individuals who were in it for the wrong reasons.  Let’s just say that many people at the top are there for their own self-glory, and also sadly, for the security of a paycheck.

I learned many things from my research and my work, but most of what I know, I learned from my family.  I could not stand being in a position that would forced me to make decisions that I would have never supported for myself, my brother, or my family in general.  I do not see divisions between work and life. I love what I do and it is an intense part of who I am. My work is my life, and my life is my work.  My decision to quit my job with the NYC Department of Education meant I got to keep my integrity, and get to make decisions that I know are the right ones for the families I work with.  Most important of all, I get to lead the life I always wanted to have!

Hope to see you around!

Dr. Klimek smiling to the camera.