Life’s Stains and Odors: Biz

This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are my own.

It is almost July and summer is here!  It seems that this summer (2021) people are really looking to get out and do all the things that they were not able to do a year ago, at the height of the Covid -19 pandemic.  I know for myself, my family, and mostly everyone I know, it was a summer when we basically all stayed home. 

This year, we are starting to travel again, and I am not an exception.  Tomorrow (yes, tomorrow!), my husband and I leave for California, to see family that we have not seen for over a year.  It is such a treat!  But with travelling comes packing, and with packing comes the realization that some of the clothes that we were waiting to have an occasion to wear for so long have stains (and perhaps odors) that we need to get rid of, and fast.

Getting ready to travel!

This year I started using enzyme cleaners and washes for my clothes and items that I care about.  There is nothing better to do the job than an enzyme cleaner.  Enzyme cleaners are natural and do not contain all those harsh chemicals that you typically find in other washes.  This time around, as I was doing cleaning (and a lot of it) to prepare for my upcoming trip, and also to prepare to receive guests in my house, I came across clothes that had been put away a little bit too long, needed a serious wash, and some of them (like the shirt below), that were bordering on the yellow.

Rather than wash them these clothes over and over again or subject them to harsh chemicals, I used Biz Powder to treat them, and voila!  Clothes look and smell clean!

I saved this lovely shirt!

If you are looking for a better way to wash, that will work with nature rather than against it, choose the one without the harsh chemicals.  Biz (I used Biz Powder, but there are other products) is an excellent way to make sure that your detergent does it job by adding enzymes that treat all those pesky stains and combat odors to boot.

If you are a busy mom or dad and are looking to counteract all those messy messes that your children leave behind, then this is the cleaner for you.  Go get one and try it!  Let me know how you liked it!

Happy washing!

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