If You Want Real Peace in the World, Start with Children

“If you want real peace in the world, start with the children,” Mahatma Ghandi, one of my most revered teachers explained, while seeking the cause of peace between Hindus and Muslims. He pressed on even harder, as he instructed a grieving Hindu father to find an orphan child, a Muslim orphan child, and raise him as his own, but raise him as a Muslim. Children are entrusted to us in a variety of ways: Some of us are parents, some of us are guardians, some of us are teachers, school principals. Some of us work in a capacity that places us right in the middle of human suffering, and help children day in and day out. Some of us come in contact with children sporadically, but know the importance of each one of those encounters.
It is our responsibility, of all of us, to ensure that children feel safe and feel loved. Whether we deal with children every day or only at times, we need to make sure that children see us as a source of security and unconditional love. These are basic requirements, tenets of the foundation that will support them as adults. This is how we build a world of peace, not only for them but for the rest of us.
In this space, this blog, it is my responsibility to bring everyone together in a loving way. We can share our feelings, our experiences, but we all must agree that our children, in whatever capacity we deal with them, are the route to peace. No matter how difficult the situation, no matter what background, no matter what we bring to the table, our children are precious.
Let’s build a world where peace is the answer.
Dr. Klimek

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